Andrej Šimunaj


Sanja Šimunaj


Mario Kandrać

Creative Director

Brankica Basta

Business Development Manager

Goran Jakovljević

Head of BL office / Lead Backend Developer

Nikola Latin

Senior Project Manager

Maja Topić

Project Manager

Duško Stojanović

Project Manager

Slaviša Dojčinović

System Administrator

Marko Ćebić

QA Engineer

Sanja Dreković

QA Engineer

Denis Treskanica


Saša Dreković

Product Owner / Lead Backend Developer

Josip Jelić

Backend Developer

Filip Horvat

Backend Developer

Jasenko Raković

Backend Developer

Ivana Sraka

Frontend Developer

Mate Šimić

Frontend Developer

Tomislav Bukal

Frontend Developer

Antonio Škara

Lead Frontend Developer

Bican Marian Valeriu

Frontend Developer

Davor Matičević

Frontend Developer

Davor Novoselac

Frontend Developer

Bojan Bursać

Backend developer

Jack Ananchenko

Shopify developer

Slaviša Borojević

Frontend developer

Dragan Gajić

Backend developer

Iva Pjaca Kopilaš

HR Manager

Ivona Jelinčić

HR Specialist


More about AM2 Studio

Our mission – Why do we do what we do?
We believe in building a Happy & Positive work environment, where team members can grow and strive personally and professionally, where we create & bring value to our clients and to the world.

Our vision: How do we do it?
We focus on providing top quality web solutions for our clients, in an enjoyable well structured & stressless process, that enable our clients to grow their business and optimize their time. We do so by ensuring we continually learn and improve, by providing an environment of education, mentorship & life balance for our team. We aim to continually challenge ourselves ensuring we always move forward.

We have been a flexible & remote company from Day 01 ever since we started hiring in 2013, and that has given us quite a lot of time to figure out how to create a really good remote work environment. Working remotely, and working in a flexible environment is not a new thing for us that we were forced into in 2020. Every single process in the company, from detailed & automated onboarding, to weekly check-ins, monthly & quarterly reviews, as well as continually setting up personal objectives, has been set up to work seamlessly and to scale. The way we manage our projects has been refined over and over again, to a point where everyone can have an enjoyable process from our Project Managers, to the Development team and ultimately our Clients. We never stop improving what we do and how we do it.
We are continually investing in building our own products, to be more precise, we reinvested more than $2M in profit from client work into Product development. Our flagship products are, an event ticketing platform operating in the North American market, and Agency Management Suite – an ERP that optimizes and automates running a digital agency, which is still in its infancy but already highly developed and we’re using it internally. Working on Product development forces us to continually invest in top-quality architecture, refactoring, and staying current with the latest industry trends.