AM2 Careers

React/JS Engineer

You will be working on the front-end of enterprise-level web applications collaborating with our back-end team, building admin interfaces & frontend experience for custom ERP solutions, eCommerce sites, video conferencing tools & startup platforms.

Your day-to-day responsibilities will be:

  • Developing UI components and functionalities with ReactJS
  • Optimizing state management solutions
  • Proposing and engineering front-end stack improvements
  • Producing clean, a11y and semantic HTML
  • Producing UI interactions and animations
  • Producing modern CSS with SCSS
  • Working closely with our design and back-end team 
  • QA, Testing and suggesting improvements
  • Proactive thinking about workflow efficiency improvements
  • Occasional presentation to show off solutions and tools you are working with, for the purpose of all-around company education. If you’re not that type… never mind!


  • Experience in React 1+ years, Modern JavaScript 2+ years, HTML/SCSS 3+ years
  • Excellent knowledge of ReactJS ecosystem, including; state management with Redux, Component lifecycle, Hooks, Routing…
  • Excellent knowledge of modern JavaScript spanning beyond ReactJS ecosystem
  • Experience in working with REST APIs
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5 and SCCS/CSS is a must
  • Experience with package managers
  • Experience with GIT
  • Experience working with Webpack, Babel and linters
  • Attention to details
  • Performance, speed and scalability optimization
  • Writing clean and reusable code
  • Good teamwork skills

Other good to know’s:

  • Redux-Saga
  • Redux Form (would be extremely beneficial to know)
  • Next.js (or other React SSR and static generation solutions)
  • Experience in building video-conferencing and real-time communication solutions (WebRTC, WebSockets/EventSource, Vonage TokBox, Jitsi)
  • Experience building Higher-Order Components
  • Experience with React testing tools
  • CSS Modules
  • Web Accessibility (a11y)
  • SEO best practices
  • Familiarity with BEM naming convention
  • Familiarity with JSON:API specification
  • Experience in working with (or within stack of) Symphony, Laravel or WordPress

Why join us?

Let’s give you a few details, other stuff we can cover later during an interview.

Learn and grow

We charish an environment of personal growth, with emphasis on knowledge sharing and education. our team is composed of highly experienced professionals in their field. You can learn from a diverse team.

Flexible work environment

You can adjust your working hours and place of work however you see fit. If you’d like to join us in our Zagreb or Banja Luka office, you’ll find a working station waiting for you, or you can choose to work from a beach, a bar, or anywhere else with a good internet connection.

Fair compensation

You will be additionally compensated according to your contribution. If we have hired you it means you have the required knowledge and experience, but what makes the difference is your commitment, speed, ability to think outside of the box, your enthusiasm and proactive thinking, as well as your ability to help others learn and grow. We will track your progress closely and act accordingly.

Team buildings & retreats

Yeah, we tend to go on various team building activities and dev retreats. We also have a policy of sending all team members to at least one conference per year.

Multinational team

5 years ago we merged with a Canadian company and we are a part of myZone Media which altogether counts about 90 people all over the world. Be a part of a multinational team.

Life balance

Work being such a huge part of our life, we appreciate the fact that everyone needs to achieve a proper balance with other aspects of life. We constantly work with our team members to ensure we remove any friction that would that.

More about AM2 Studio

Read more about AM2 Studio work environment here.
If you think you would be a good fit in our environment, let’s talk!